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Surface Roughness on Lowlands

See how creating rougher surfaces on tricky lowland sites can improve tree growth on oil sands exploration leases.

Surface Roughness on Lowlands

Location: Conklin, AB; Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, AB

When constructing oil sands exploration sites in lowland areas, operators often spend a significant amount of time creating a frozen surface. However, when not done correctly, this process can significantly flatten and/or compress the fluffy peat surfaces, eliminating opportunities for tree growth.

On this tour, you will walk through a range of sites where peat was compressed. Next, you will step into a range of sites 7-10 years after treatment so you can see the positive results of adding surface roughness at the time of restoration.

This tour will help operators and managers to understand how their operations can affect peatlands and provides ways to promote the growth of trees after operations are complete.

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