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Planting Trees on Oil Sands Exploration Sites

See what a difference prompt tree planting during restoration can make in reliably growing trees back on challenging development sites.

Planting Trees on Oil Sands Exploration Sites

Location: Conklin, AB; Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, AB

Deciding when you need to plant trees and when you can leave a site for natural regeneration can be a key challenge on oil sands exploration sites. It is therefore important to realize when key factors can either greatly increase or reduce the chances of tree growth, and to plan accordingly. By exploring the sites in this tour, managers and operators can make better decisions that lead to more predictable outcomes on forested oil sands exploration sites.

In this tour you’ll walk through a range of different sites, from rich mixed wood forests to drier jack pine sites. In each case, you will see how planting trees, sometimes in combination with site preparation treatments, leads to substantially improved restoration success on tricky oil sands exploration sites.

The tour will aid managers and operators in seeing what opportunities tree planting can afford to oil sands operations.

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