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Linear Restoration

Linear restoration is growing in importance, especially for woodland caribou conservation. See how treatments on old seismic lines can spark the growth of trees and plants.

Linear Restoration

Location: Conklin, AB; Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, AB

Restoration of linear features, such as seismic lines, has become an important part of oil sands operations and planning. Numerous COSIA member companies voluntarily began linear restoration programs as early as 2012, and the scale of these operations have only grown since then.

On this tour you’ll have the opportunity to explore seismic lines on both lowland and upland sites that have failed to grow back to a forest, even though it’s been 30-40 years since development. You will then see how approaches like mounding the soil and the planting trees can greatly speed up the recovery of forests on these sites.

The tour will help managers and operators learn key techniques for linear restoration, while also seeing how restoration can dramatically change the forest recovery on these lines.

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